I am a British artist living and working in New York City. I layer traditional and digital media utilizing canvas, paper, objects, video and installation. 

My work is duly subversive and transcendent of popular culture, and the audience's natural inclination to ascribe meaning to images. The work exists, and is part of my broader interest, to examine and challenge an audience's association with image. The work refrains from being only a critique of popular culture, seeing as many images I utilize derive from it. The layered-ness of the work suggests a critique of not the actual cultural production but rather the way that people see cultural production; what I deem to be the "popular consumerism of popular culture".

The content of the work serves to produce a critique and the subsequent critique of the critique or consumption of the content is more demonstrative of the work's intended outcome. Therefore, whether through the trajectory of painting, sculpture or video, the work refuses to be a singular moment, or tangible object. It transcends a concrete time or place as it is predicated on the object being the first step, and then the consumption, and then the object's subsequent reaction to that consumption.

The work presents a set of objects and images. My concern lies not with the meaning necessarily behind the motifs that I utilize, whether its a gun or a monarch or a ritual object. My interest is aimed at the consumption and reaction of the work in-spite of my personal erasure of meaning and my intention is to deliberately create a sense of ambivalence or apathy about my personal connection to the motifs that I incorporate. It is another integral part of the process that produces the work and a deliberate decision that allows for a sense of ownership and authorship in that I do not dismiss the notion that the objects and images have meaning. Rather I divest other meaning in my aim to potentially view the objects and images objectively. Therefore, as an integral part of the process, I acknowledge the original context and simultaneously divest my ties from it.